Corporate Sustainability

Corporate Sustainability Efforts

All of our construction projects include careful planning to help bring our clients’ visions to life. Bringing construction plans to life can be taxing on the environment. We are aware of our environmental impact and have taken strides to reduce our carbon footprint through a variety of corporate sustainability efforts.

Emission Reduction Efforts

As a construction company based in the Portland, OR area, we have a responsibility to take a hard look at our environmental impact. We love our fresh air, hiking trails, and mountains here in the Pacific Northwest, and we want to be one of the environmentally friendly companies conserving the beauty around us.

When thinking about our corporate sustainability plan, we wanted to find ways we could meet emission reduction goals. Throughout our work, we aim to recycle as much debris as possible, but the two biggest efforts we’ve moved forward with are the addition of an electric vehicle to our fleet and the purchase of TerraPass carbon offset credits.

Electric Vehicle Fleet

Renewable energy sources are a great way to reduce our carbon footprint. A large part of the impact the construction business has on the environment is the vehicles and machinery necessary to complete projects. In 2017, we added the first electric vehicle to our fleet, and will continue to do so as appropriate vehicles become available. Small changes such as this help us move in the right direction in our corporate sustainability plan.

Terrapass Carbon Credits

In an effort to reduce our environmental impact, we’ve purchased carbon offset credits from TerraPass. While we take steps to meet emission reduction goals in our own projects as much as we can, we know it’s almost impossible for us to reduce our carbon footprint to zero. The purchase of carbon offset credits from TerraPass allows us to fund projects that negate CO2 emissions in other parts of the country. The goal here is to contribute to other larger projects outside of our own efforts so we can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in a more impactful way than we can through our individual efforts alone.

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