Light Commercial Construction Services

Your organization strives to stand out from the competition, and we can help make your workspace both functional and representative of your business. Our light commercial work encompasses a wide range of construction short of serious structural work. We know working in a space that supports your objectives and builds your brand helps promote productivity and attracts more customers.

Our light commercial construction work is focused on restaurants, retail spaces, and other businesses. We have worked on a variety of different projects over the years and possess the tools and knowledge to make your entire light commercial project a success from start to finish.

Oversight Of The Project

All of our construction projects include careful planning, architectural integrity, and a willingness to work with our clients to make their vision come to life. Because of our ability to work collaboratively with design teams, you can count on us to know the right materials for your project and the best spatial layout to promote your team’s productivity needs.

As a reputable and professional light commercial construction company in the Portland Metro Area, Hamish Murray Construction is prepared to provide all the tools necessary for a smooth and successful project. We provide knowledgeable oversight through the many stages of construction, including:


We are open to you choosing your own architect/designer, or can recommend some of our favorites. We want you to love the finished project, and that requires flexibility on our part.

Supply Purchases

A construction project requires a large array of products and services. We work with owners and architects to ensure the right products are purchased, and we are more than willing to make some recommendations should the need arise.

Building Code Adherence

Building codes are not general knowledge, but as a qualified light commercial contractor, we need to know them. We will facilitate all inspections and ensure the project adheres to applicable building codes. We take it upon ourselves to be honest and forthright with our work and abide by all current codes and standards for light commercial construction work.

Dependable Through Every Stage

When looking for a light commercial contractor, you want to find a company

  • You can depend on to be honest
  • That advocates for the client
  • That integrates and collaborates with the design team
  • That helps the client and design team establish a realistic budget
  • That continues to monitor the cost and scope of the design throughout the entire construction process

Your business is vital to your success – you don’t want to invite just anyone into it. You want to find a construction company that will be open and forthright from the beginning, especially when it comes to the time frame and budget for the project.

Experience That Shows

For some business owners, it can be difficult to determine whether their project requires a contractor or not. If the project is more than painting walls and moving furniture, a contractor is the best guarantee to getting the project finished within budget and adhering to all building codes.

We’ve been in the construction business for over 18 years. In that time, we’ve gained the experience and knowledge to know what goes into every project. As an established construction company in the Pacific Northwest, we understand the ins and outs of projects and know surprises arise. Our experience gives us the ability to overcome those surprises with minimal impact on a project’s budget and timeline.

At Hamish Murray Construction, we welcome your calls and questions and look forward to providing additional information about your business’s commercial project.